Lash Lift Glue Balm

Lash Lift Glue Balm

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Introducing Le Coeur Fast Lift Glue Balm: your ultimate solution for flawless Lash Lift results. This innovative product is meticulously crafted to cater specifically to Lash Lift procedures. Its unique balm formulation revolutionizes the lifting process, enabling swift and effortless elevation of natural lashes onto the shield. With this remarkable balm, you have the flexibility to fine-tune lash adjustments throughout the procedure, as the formula remains partially pliable.

Experience the power of a 2-in-1 adhesive enriched with enriching oils, a true game-changer in the Lash Lift realm. Imbued with nourishing oils, this adhesive not only securely bonds but also envelops each natural lash, shielding them from moisture loss during the critical first and second steps of the lash lift treatment. Bid farewell to worries about excess glue, as this exceptional formula negates the need for removal. And, rest assured, you can modify the lift at any juncture, as the adhesive maintains its malleability even as it sets.

Features of our FAST LIFT Glue Balm

  1. Swift and effortless enveloping of natural lashes
  2. Deep hydration, eliminating the need for excess glue removal
  3. Flexible readjustment of natural lashes at any point
  4. Accelerated penetration for quicker results
  5. Decreased processing time
  6. Enriched with Argan, Jojoba, and Avocado oils for optimal nourishment

    Size: 20g gives you enough to do between 100 - 130 sets.

    Brand: Le Coeur

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