Faux Mink Multi-Length Trays (8-16)
Faux Mink Multi-Length Trays (8-16)

Faux Mink Multi-Length Trays (8-16)

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Multi-Length Eyelash Extensions come in lengths from 8mm - 16mm.

Multi-Length trays of eyelashes include, one strip of 8mm, two strips of 9mm, three strips of 10mm, three strips of 11mm, three strips of 12mm and one strip of 13mm, 14mm and 15mm.

These are part of the faux-mink series which all have a soft, uniform look. Our faux-mink lashes hold shape and curl well, which is reflected in the quality. The finish is a semi shine with a dark black tone. These mixed lashes can be designed and shaped to a client’s desired look. Each The lash mall Lash tray has 12 strips of our faux mink lashes.

Perfectly shaped and tapered lashes. Made out of soft, durable Korean materials to give a polished look.

If you like these and want more of one size, try our Faux Mink individual sized trays!

Brand: Le Coeur Lashes


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