The Lash Mall Easy Fans
The Lash Mall Easy Fans
The Lash Mall Easy Fans

The Lash Mall Easy Fans

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Easy Fan Volume lashes are the way to go! These are perfect for the tech that is a master volume artist, a newbie or even just the person in between pro and beginner. These lashes make the most luscious, voluminous fan with half the work. These fans are made with a product that allows the bases to be collected together before dipping in adhesive, allowing for an "easy fan". Just grab the amount you need, pull towards you and dip. Also, you can use the "pinch method" which allows for bigger fans with a smaller base. These are perfect for:

Mega Volume

Russian Volume, 

3D, 4D, 5D, 10D and even hybrid!

The beautiful fact about The Lash Mall Easy fans is that they are DOUBLE BAKED, meaning that they will hold the curl in most circumstances unlike most easy fans on the market today!


Brand: The Lash Mall

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